Monday, September 28, 2009


It's been about six weeks since my last blog post. Essentially what happened was one month of working overnight shifts threw my system into a complete and utter tailspin. During the course of that month I also flew to California for staff training for the camp I was going to be a counselor at in early September. Going to didn't happen.

Instead, my son returned from his jaunt to camp excited, full of stories about his 5 days of adventures. We were overwhelmed during the time period that he was gone and relieved when he returned. I underestimated how emotional the whole process of sending my child off to a different state for camp would be. How difficult it would be to not talk to him or see his beautiful face everyday. That tears that would come from both he and I the moment we saw each other at the airport and I held him in my arms again.

I digress...what happened was Craig and Chris had been sick all week. I had been taking vitamins, airborne, anything I could to not get sick. Unfortunately, I also worked three overnights during that week. Lo and behold the day before I was to get on the plane to go, I got sick. As the mother of a heart child, I understand the far reaching consequences of your child getting anything upper respiratory. It can quickly turn into something far worse than a common cold. The gist of this was I contacted the medical director of the camp. After hearing my symptoms, she politely asked me to stay home. My bags were packed and I was devastated. While I understood and agreed with the determination, it did nothing to ease my disappointment.

This seemed to be the first in a series of challenges I would face in the weeks to come. It was a slow process regaining my footing and health. There was an er visit over the weekend I was supposed to be at camp due to some difficulty breathing, which ended with a prescription for an inhaler and instructions to get some rest. There were the sleeping pills my doctor prescribed to help ease my insomnia that left me drooling and semi comatose, needless to say I only took them twice. Then there was the determination that we needed to rent our house out and buy another one. I won't go into details as to the contributing factors. I will however say it was one of the hardest decisions Craig and I have ever had to make. We love our home, it is the only one our kids can remember, but it truly is the best move for our family right now. I need to focus on school, cut back on work, finish my degree, get a job in the nursing field. We need to move forward instead continuing to get pulled further and further underwater by our house.

The upside is I have recovered and am back to working days. My confidence has been restored and I am looking forward to a new chapter in our family's life. After a month of searching we made an offer on 4 houses yesterday, keeping our fingers crossed that one will be accepted. My packet should be coming with my school schedule any day now. While I did not win the Zoni for best director, the theater I am managing artistic director of won for Best Overall Children's production. It was an incredible night and I couldn't have been prouder accepting the award for the theater! The weather is turning bringing with it the promise of a new season and my favorite time of year. My 35th birthday is quickly approaching and we are planning a trip to Tucson with some friends to see Kartchner Caverns and go apple and pumpkin picking with the kids at an orchard in Willcox. All in all things are looking up. I can see the bright spots in my daily life again. Now, I am just keeping my finger's crossed that Cam's cardiology check up goes well on Wednesday and he gets another clean bill of health.