Friday, May 29, 2009

Brighter Than Sunshine

One morning this week I found myself working the day shift. Up at 4:30am, in my car driving to work by 5:15am. Streams of Aqualung trickled from the speakers in my car as the world around me began to wake up. Slowly the first rays of light from the sun began to appear over the edge of the mountains. I was struck by the immense peace, tranquility, beauty of the dawn. Most days I am still tucked under my sheets as the day begins, sleepily shrugging off the remnants of my night of rest, stretching my body out of bed hours after sunrise. At that moment, all seemed right in the world. The words of one of the discussions I posted recently in my World Religions class came to mind. How even though I have over the past few years doubted myself, my faith, my religion, my thoughts on this world and life itself, I have never for a moment doubted the existence of God. The more I study the human body, watching all the mysteries that lie within us unfurl, the more it seems completely logical to me that someone planned all of this out. Humans didn't just appear or evolve, they were designed, created, developed by someone with supreme, divine intelligence. Created by someone who loved, sculpted, molded all of the fine details much like an artist bringing a piece of work to life with their own two hands. No one would deign to question that a computer has an inventor or creator per say, but many question that humans were created by a divine being. That is to me mind blowing. Why question the creation of far superior, more complex, fully integrated machine that lives, breathes, can think for itself, procreate, is capable of love, hate, fear, pain, happiness? Why is it so easy for so many to question that that we were purposed by God? I do not have the answers for anyone, but myself. I know what I feel in my gut, what my brain logically assesses as the answer after looking at all the facts. God exists. I may have my own personal issues with God, many in fact, too many to list in one blog post or maybe in one lifetime. I know one thing however, in the words of Jon a good family friend "It seems to me that if God is big enough to create the entire universe. He is big enough to handle our questions and doubts". Those words are profound. They give me hope that even if I can not resolve my issues with God, He knows me, He understands me, He created me and that alone gives me hope that is brighter than sunshine.

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