Friday, June 19, 2009


Life has persisted at an ever moving, constantly churning pace. Me I just attempt to keep up. I am trying to stay present in the moment each day, reminding myself that counting the days until the kids go back to school is defeating the purpose of summer break. So far, we have gone to movies, explored our backyard, spent quiet evenings with a bowl of popcorn and our latest Netflix deliveries, laughed, fought, played, rode bikes, swam, planned new adventures...all the things that constitute an enjoyable, albeit busy summer break.

Craig and I snuck off on our own several times as well, spicy eggplant and green beans at China Chili followed by First Friday where we explored artwork from a plethora of artists. Heavenly lemon cheesecake and ooey gooey cupcakes from Tammy Coe wrapped up that particular evening's delights. Last weekend, found us headed out to our favorite theater, Nearly Naked to see Blood Brothers, which was simply fabulous. I am not a musical fan, but with strong acting and vocal performances, not to mention I was a sucker for the whole twin story line, it was really well done. Up next, is Father's Day and then our 13th wedding anniversary on July 4th.

Today, we are getting ready to scour Netflix for this evening's viewing pleasure. I can't wait to snuggle up with my 3 favorite wee ones, soaking in the simple pleasure of their company.

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