Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Everything Falls Into Place

Last week amongst the chaos of opening a show, my life abruptly went off in a new direction. I try to live my life as open minded as possible, taking new opportunities as they arise, walking through doors, and sometimes windows that seem to open for me. While recovering from the car accident happened in early December, I spent 6 weeks at home. During those six weeks, I had reassessed many parts of my life including my present job. Part of the time, I applied online for jobs at hospitals that I was shall we say less than qualified for. To be quite honest, I never expected to hear back from any of them.

Fast forward two months to me checking my messages at home - there I discover a week old message asking me to call for an interview. After explaining to the lady at HR, that no I am not an idiot and yes I don't often check my messages at home, I was scheduled a phone interview. So the Friday before last, I had my first ever phone interview. It went well and the recruiter asked me to come down for a second interview with the hiring manager. This past Wednesday, after an interview in person,where I talked way too much and expressed my ever present opinion on many topics, I was given a tour of the ER where the position was located. During a tearful phone call on the way home, I explained to Craig that I have never wanted a job this much. Deep down, I felt like I had blown it and was totally out of the running. The hiring manager had told me they would make a decision by the end of the week. Thursday afternoon, the recruiter was on the phone with a job offer. Hard to believe a week earlier, I contemplated not returning the phone call.

So many things have now fallen into place. This job will enable me to obtain an interview for the Fellows program I so desperately want to get into next fall. I will be working pool which means I have to work a minimum of 40hrs per month, which is quite doable even once I start clinicals. So, I now have the ability to go to school, bring in some income, utilize my background in finance, customer service, and medicine, and gain more experience while I finish my degree in nursing. Quite an unexpected and amazing development!

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Jon and Jenetta said...

This is so amazing! We are very happy for you! Yea!!!