Thursday, March 26, 2009

One Full, Quick Week

I have been working on these blogs on and off for a week, in between working, some sleep, and homework. So, here is the last of three for this past week.

Last Thursday afternoon, after a long first week at my new job as well as an overlapping final one at my old job and a parent teacher conference I headed to my parents house up north to retrieve my girls and drop my son for a weekend of fun with his cousin and grandparents. The plan was to stay for a few days, but my husband told me he had a surprise evening planned on Friday and I needed to be back by 5pm. So after a quick overnight, I headed back down the mountain Friday afternoon to see what my hubby had planned.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner with our friends, Kevin and Ron at
Cheuvront Restaurant and Wine Bar followed by the play Killer Joe at one of our favorite local theaters Nearly Naked. I was to be perfectly honest exhausted and not overly hungry, but I did enjoy a glass of a full bodied, spicy red wine (Incognito)and three lovely cheeses (Abbaye de Bellocq - my favorite of the night, Humboldt Fog, and San Joaquin Gold) as well as some nuts, fruit, and bread. Sated after our quick bite we rushed off to the show. It was overall a lovely, relaxing evening - the best part was that my husband planned it all on his own, 99% of the time he is perfectly happy to sit back and let me plan our evenings out, vacations, etc.

Our next date night will be on the 10th. First we have an appt for the entire family to get our passports, more to come about that later, then we are off to dinner at a still to be determined destination, followed by Columbinus at
Stray Cat Theatre. Also coming up soon is the Scottsdale Culinary festival's Great Arizona Picnic. With all of the craziness of everyday life around here, it is nice to look forward to some moments of quiet, relaxation that lie ahead!

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