Friday, October 30, 2009

The First Week

Several times this week it has been ever so politely pointed out to me that this is the first week of the rest of my life. Well, the rest of my life as a nurse that is. I appreciate the support, encouragement, concern, and love. I have tried to take to heart advice from my family and friends to relax, get some sleep, not burn myself out. The truth is what I really want, no need is to find my footing on my own. To call to vent, to express my frustrations over the disorganization, to just have a listening ear and nothing more. I know that I am a little stressed right now, yes I know it will get better. I just need time to balance school, work, family, endless studying, oh and the plethora of hands on stuff. My confidence is slowly returning, soon the old strong, determined me you have all grown accustomed to will reappear propelling me forward towards my goal. For now though my perspective is that it's only the first week.

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