Monday, January 4, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter

When I was 5 years old I did a faceplant on the dashboard of my mom's car when she stopped short. The end result of that accident was that I lost my 4 top teeth. There was blood and tears, meals of yogurt and baby food for days after. I don't think my sister has ever forgiven me for the loss of her best scarf, which my mother quickly grabbed and pressed to my mouth. Here is a picture of me a few months after the accident.

Last Tuesday evening my 5 year old daughter, Rebecca on the eve of her 6th birthday did a faceplant onto our tile floor. There was blood and tears followed by a mad dash to the ER. The end result after four hours of waiting was a lacerated lip, bruised gums, and 6 bloodied and loosened teeth. After returning home at 1am with my now medicated daughter I fell into bed only to be awakened 6 hours later by the dentist. After taking her in for Xrays and an exam we learned that she will indeed, like her mother lose her teeth. For the time being, she endures a soft diet as we wait for the teeth to fall out. Though her sister has no scarf to hold against her, Allison was beside herself to learn that her sister will lose her teeth first.

Unfortunately all of the pictures that show the full glory of her mouth after the spill are on Craig's cell phone and have not been uploaded. Here is one a couple of days later at my parents. You can see her lip healing and her bruised gums, but the loose tooth are not apparent unless she wiggles them or you see her try to bite anything.

The only positive part of this whole deja vuish experience is that for both of us they were baby teeth. In a year or two the new adult version of her teeth will appear and this will all be a distant memory. One I hope will not be repeated by one of her daughters.


JLP said...

yeah- I can comment on your blog!!


Claire said...

Oh, after our stint in the ER the other night, I totally feel your pain!