Saturday, December 19, 2009

Finally a Break

As of yesterday the kids and I are all officially on break from school. I wish I could say it was all about relaxing and enjoying some peaceful family time. Unfortunately, I still have two papers and a drug presentation to write, not to mention a test when I return to school that requires studying. There will be downtime though starting with a night out at Glendale Glitters with the kids. Then after I put in my required holiday shifts at work December 24-28th we are off to the mountains for a few days at my parents house. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and their will be some good snow for sledding. Images of snuggling by the fireplace, enjoying food, and family are what has kept me going for the last month.

I thought I would share some funny things that happened at my house recently:

Coversation between Allison and I:
Me: "Alli be nice to your sister and brothers they are the only ones you are going to get".
Alli: "Why Mommy?".
Me: "Uh, because this baby factory is closed. There will be no more babies in this house".
Alli: (Starts crying) "But I don't want to be the youngest" at which point she turns to her sister and says "Well at least I am older than you".
Becca: (Starts crying)
Me: "Ugh, nice Alli. As far as I am concerned 1 minute doesn't really count, you are both the youngest"!
At which point they both ran off to play together again.

A little girl from school called Cameron last night to come over and play. I asked to talk to the mom and after discussing we set up a play date. I asked her towards the end of the conversation if she knew that Cameron was a boy not a girl as Cameron is a gender neutral name. She did not know he was a boy and so after more discussion we decided the play date should be at her house so she could supervise. It's a good thing I said something!  Life at our house with 4 kids is never dull.

Now that I have the time there will be some updates and changes to the blog:
 We should have a closing date for our new house in the next few days. Which will lead to a new feature on this blog : The Rodriquez Renovation...lots of before and after photos to come as we restore and renovate our new vintage home!

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