Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Calm After the Storm

Winter has finally arrived in AZ. Now I know that cold is all relative, but my thin skinned self is freezing right now. Following a weekend of brisk weather in Palm Springs I returned home to a massive winter storm. As rain hammered the state I headed off to work and school bundled up with my coat and gloves. Driving home from work I weaved through an obstacle course of downed trees, sprawled trash cans, and street lights that were out. The rain came down in sideways sheets as the wind howled. Craig opened the garage for me and I entered our candlelit house. The power had gone out and stayed out until the wee hours of the morning.

This morning I snuggled in my warm bed listening as the house woke up around me. Snatches of whispered conversation punctuated by laughter drifted from the girls room. As the word "mom" became louder and more persistent I rose to make the kids breakfast and drive them to school. Now, I sit in my office drinking a cup of hot tea thinking about how blessed I have been feeling lately. Blessed to have such a strong, close knit family. Blessed to have such supportive old friends and grateful for the new ones I have made over the past few months. Blessed to watch my kids grow and find their own voice each day. Most of all I feel blessed that we have the opportunity to flee the suburbs and head to a more urban environment. That sounds odd as most people I know flee TO the suburbs with their kids. I just can't wait to show them all the city has to offer and watch their world split wide open. For the first time in a long time I feel content and happy. Why is it I keep waiting for something to change that happy state? Craig tells me that instead of enjoying the moment I am often fretting over what lies ahead, anticipating that challenges and problems will crop up again. Today, I am going to make every effort to just sit in this moment and enjoy it for what it is, without worrying about what comes next.