Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Settling In

Lately I feel like my life has been preempted, taken over by a force bigger than me. That force is called nursing school. My days revolve around homework, lectures, labs, tests, with work and family time added to the mix life as I know it has changed. Confidence wise I am mostly feeling stronger than I ever could have anticipated, yet there are still nerve wracking moments that punctuate my calm facade. My first three tests scores were truthfully best case scenario. On my drug calculation test I obtained the required 100% on the first attempt. This was followed by an 86% on our first module test. Then this past week I was delighted and shocked to learn I had earned the highest grade in our class with a perfect 100% on the fluid/electrolyte test rumored to be one of the hardest this block. Though I spend many hours working on my own I have also settled into a study group.

On a personal note, Craig and I have made the decision to relocate our family out of the suburbs and into Central Phoenix. After an exhaustive search we made an offer on a home and after 45 days, which included some negotiations with the bank as the house is a short sale, it was accepted. Still working out a few details, but if all goes well the keys should be in our hands by the end of December. It will be a bittersweet as we leave many friends behind, but we have come to the conclusion that for us now is the right time to move. Oh and before I forget, we added a new member to our family. Gracie, a gorgeous and sweet Siamese came to join us from a local shelter in late October. She has quickly settled in and found her place in our chaotic household.

Finally, I just returned from a weekend respite in Palm Springs with my "original" family, my Dad, Mom, and sister. It was the first vacation just the 4 of us in 15 years. As we ate our way around Palm Springs, enjoyed wine tastings in Temecula, and rode the aerial tramway to the top of a snow capped mountain, we reconnected finding the dynamic that once held us together as a unit. Great music, laughter, inside jokes, deep conversation, insightful thoughts, and a few tense moments marked the three days we spent together. In the end, I felt incredibly blessed and lucky to have such a remarkable, close knit family. It was however, after the quick escape, a relief to return to the family Craig and I have worked so hard to build over the past 14 years. As I write this the girls are chasing each other around the house while Cam occasionally wanders into the office for help with his homework. All is for now right in my little corner of the world. Pictures to follow as well as some more updates in the upcoming weeks.

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