Friday, January 9, 2009

Get up and dance

Music is an obsession of mine. (You may question that statement, but I have to quantify music as an obsession due to the fact that I constantly walk around with songs stuck in my head, lose sleep surfing iTunes for new music, and would willingly would sacrifice my last dollar to keep my iPod fully stocked. Just don't mention that last part to my husband). I have spent countless hours trying to educate my children in the subject of music. This morning my daughter asked me to play that bum pu dum de dum song she loves so much. So we danced around the office listening to song she wanted to hear, Heart it Races by Architecture in Helsinki. As the morning wore on Editors, Grand Archives, and Robbers on High Street joined our party. There wasn't a prouder mama to be found in our little corner of suburbia!

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