Monday, January 12, 2009

Same old, same old

A good part of this past weekend was spent trying to avoid the football games that seemed to be on a constant loop in my house. On Saturday, I locked myself in the office under the guise of paying bills and balancing the checkbook. Which I did, but mostly I escaped the noise, cheering, fist pumping, and endless consumption of wings and pizza that took over my house. The tunes of Architecture in Helsinki, Robbers on High Street, Okkervil River and others sufficiently drowned out the chaos.
There were a few bright spots, one being my daughters first foray into the world of dance lessons. They have been begging and cajoling for months. Our promise was they could begin after their 5th birthday. Early last week found us enrolling at a local dance studio, buying leotards, tap and ballet shoes, tights - all the accoutrements needed to get started. My wallet was much lighter by the time their first lesson rolled around on Saturday morning. Seeing their faces filled with the unfettered joy that is often found beaming forth from happy children made it all worth it. Smiles, laughter, a few falls and missteps there were my girls in their own beautiful, coltish way dancing! Spending some quite, quality time with my husband and kids filled the gaps in between dance and football.
Last night found me curled up on the sofa, watching my guilty pleasure - the Golden Globes. It's a yearly ritual, I sink into the sofa and allow myself to be entertained by the glamour, glitz, and fashions. I often make notes of all the films I have yet to see that capture my attention. Added to this year's list of must sees: Slumdog Millionaire, Revolutionary Road, The Reader, and Happy-Go-Lucky.
Today finds me catching up on some emails, surfing the internet looking for a job, and updating my blog. After spending the past six weeks out of work on short term disability due to a car accident, my body is finally almost healed. My mind however is tumultuous, filled with dread at returning to a job I quite honestly can no longer stand. Months ago I turned bored of the same repetitive nature of the work I do, sick of talking to disgruntled customers, searching for something new. I thought the break would give me some perspective, the final conclusion I have reached is that it is time to move on. So, my resume is updated, cover letters prepared, references in hand, I am ready to go. Reality stares me in the face, the economy stinks and it make take a while to find something else. So, back to my job I go with a heavy heart and misplaced optimism for the future.

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