Wednesday, January 7, 2009


To borrow from the words of a song "Even the end has a start". So here it is the start of my blog, the first post. It seemed fitting to start the blog I have been longing for at the beginning of the new year. Bittersweet symphony is the title of my blog for a few reasons. First, life is in my experience the very essence of bittersweet "pleasure mixed with pain". Second, it is the name of my favorite song. Considering my lifelong passion for and obsession with music that is saying a lot. As far as longing for a blog, that is simple. With 4 kids, college, work, a theater to manage, and a magnificent, but really busy husband my life can be at times frustrating, stifling, and chaotic. This blog will be an outlet for all the thoughts that swirl and clog my consciousness.


JLP said...

hello friend- we would love to see you soon- i will give you a call


Jon and Jenetta said...


Love to hear you vent or share or whatever!

Also, I wanted to say - super cool - to you regarding the Now Listening To...

I got into Frightened Rabbit after a Chuck episode in late Nov. I also just put The National and Bon Iver onto my iPod this week :) Great minds think alike!